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Paint Handy on The Rachael Ray Show

Paint Handy takes the stress, cost and mess out of painting!

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Easy To Use

Pour in recommended amount, spread around, tap your brush or move your roller. That’s it. You’re loaded and ready to paint! (And, yes, turn it upside down to see it doesn’t drip.) Also easy to clean and re-use!

Designed For Success

To achieve quality, accuracy and speed, you can’t cut corners. Paint Handy is specially designed to give you the best results regardless of your experience or job difficulty. Greatly reduces prep time, clean up, paint waste, project costs plus all those steps up and down a ladder, and much more.

Developed By A Pro

Paint Handy was created and perfected over several years on some of the toughest paint jobs you’ll ever see. That’s why Paint Handy is the perfect painting tool for the pro or DIYer. It’s guaranteed to improve the painting experience by saving you valuable time, money and stress.